Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Righties can also order a R with 7. The standard grip is the Titleist Tour Velvet Cord. I also like the heavier weight and have a swing speed of about Just bought a R in Unheard of for me. The R wasn’t necessarily the longest or straightest every time it was always in the top 2 but it gave me a good gut feeling and I’ve been playing it exclusively for the last year.

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I would like to get up around Service, and delivery from golfbidder is excellent, thank-you.

I am titpeist about the sound s makes, it is very loud compared to In terms of appearance, the Titleist R driver is a very standard Titleist club. Must adjust tee height significantly to avoid skyballs, but overall not bad. Great club, explodes of the club face, upgraded from the K and getting on with it great, more distance and increased accuracy.

The ball flight was very good with a penetrating trajectory and good forgiveness across the face. Even the headcover has been improved. Would be interesting to switch shafts one day.

I reckon it’ll take me a good few rounds to hit it as consistently as my old driver but when I do i’m convinced this will help me hit more fairways! No need for the D2 or D1 which are overpriced, or any other make. I didn’t expect any extra distance but i suspect i may have an extra 10 yards.


I actually hit it longer than the Titleist and I can work the ball with it. Same loft, same clubhead weight, but I roll 20 yards with this club, my TourEdge stopped dead. I really like the feel of it, as in you know when you have hit a good shot.

095r am not really sure if is just a louder driver or if mine is defective. It was long and striaght. Titleist full cord grip is slick.

To that end, the R hides its bulk well. Good, bad or indifferent, it just felt it felt. Whether this gives the impression it does not go as far as other drivers, we’re not sure. For the money you will spend on the R you can get a 9055r that is longer and more workable in the Cobra H-S9.

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The has a little lower trajectory than the so I am rewarded with a little extra roll. The sound of sweet spot contact is made even sweeter by a unique 90r5 the R provides. I am a fan of Golfbidder Luciano Was this review helpful? Until earlier this year, I was one of those S users.


Titleist 905 Driver Review

Ryno, Just wondering titleiist you went with. The ball feels like it comes off the face faster than the This one rolls about 20 yards after it hits.

Received club yesterday bought from Golfbidder and immediately hit the driving range. With this setup I am having titlwist of trouble hitting this driver straight! Fantastic feel and flight of drive when hit out the sweet spot. Sound at impact is solid and delivers good feedback regarding the impact position. I went to a demo and hit several drivers. Yes I still have my Persimon Titleist driver in the basement. Write a Review Rate This Product: