Mild marks; a few You are purchasing a lightly used driver. Lastly, you can put feel in there, but really feel is not something I look for first in a driver because if the distance and the forgiveness are there, the feel usually goes right along with it. A longer regular shaft is wimpy to a hard hitter while a shorter stiff shaft is too rigid to a soft hitter. This is a marketing ploy! You, the hacker, think you can swing a

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I have both F11 and Cleveland cl ultra light shaft drivers. Michael Cook June 22, – 6: What was the driver you tested against the F11?

Club Test 2011: Adams Speedline F11 Driver

We can barely believe it! Rarely did I experience the distance killing balloon ball and I was very happy with how I was able to easily flight my ball lower when faced with a fwst into the wind. A soft hitter who uses regular flex shaft needs to compensate with a longer shaft for didtance and swing at slower speed.

At first I like the way it looked.

Adams Speedline F11 Driver Review – Golfalot

Adams Speedline F11 Driver. More drivers on Golf. I hit the F11 Ti version in a demo day and ordered mine the next speeedline.


Also shop in Also shop in.

I ask because I remember Cleveland’s Launcher Ti heads were a bit larger than the steel heads. It really does sound like a win-win driver all the way around at an achievable price point. Fsst blue and yellow is complimented by a nice grey color as well.

Take a look at the latest and greatest golf gear in our exclusive PGA. If I can’t get the Adams to work for me I might have to go with the R9. Adams Speedline F11 Driver I like the head shape quite a bit, it sets up very nice behind the ball and there is nothing distracting about it in the least.

Many times balls with this driver would be right speedlone there next to, and just as far as, balls hit by the other drivers. It feels like it’s draw weighted no I don’t have the draw version! Does anyone else get the same feeling?

Matts only, which I hate hitting off of. I haven’t placed the Ti to the steel version side by side, but I doubt there’s any difference. A lot of good detail in there and it sounds like this is a very capable driver. I have big hopes for this club, if it works out it will finish my all Adams bag.

Seems like this might be replacing the driver you cough, cough lost at the outing. The odds of you making golf’s rarest shots.


Adams Speedline F11 Driver Review – The Hackers Paradise

Not the best I tried, but not the worst either. Adila Voodoo Lie Angle 5 Par: I am curious since the other driver had that next gear that was speedkine in the F CONS Oblong head shape with three curved ridges on crown turns off some testers; a few struggle with the shafts and, consequently, fear the hook; small minority find little difference in feel between center and off-center hits.

Holiday Shopping with Budget Golf November 22, While I am not in the market for a driver, after reading your review I would ffast to put this one on my list to try out.

The Speedline F11 is available in lofts of 8.

Adams Women’s Speedline F11 Driver Review

Didn’t think the Ti version was coming out till the middle of the month. I tried it head to head against the R11 fairway and it was much straighter tried all 3 R11 zdams. Why can’t I find any online?