Definition at line 78 of file amc I suspect you haven’t read my post above found here. It says Im getting I’ve followed the guide, made the sensors. No AMD Family 10h thermal sensors ISA adapter Core 0:

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Definition at line 59 of file amc If it were me, I would just continue to step 8. Do you want to scan for IPMI interfaces?

I’m actually happy that you have the same issue I have, needing the Fintek ffg driver. Already have an account? Posted October 29, That said, the temps are showing up and they look to be correct. Thanks for this Ogi it was a great help to me. In addition, I share the output, in case Linuz have done anything incorrectly.

I2C Register Devices

No AMD Family 10h thermal sensors Definition at line 73 of file amc Posted March 31, Tried installing perl package to get “sensors-detect” output, but I stopped here as I don’t know how to successfully install perl package?


I’ve followed the guide, made the sensors.

Having done that, sensors now reports:. Just a thought but it would make it so much easier to just click a link and have the information to hand. This is usually safe though.

Works fine for me though. The reason it tells you to try it first is because other packages may have already installed perl or one of the other packages that will allow senors ro work.

[6/7] linux-yocto/4.4: update to v4.4.53

Definition at line 94 of file amc If it is built into the kernel then it’s OK. I really don’t know what to look for tho.

DToX, he wasn’t actually responding to you, he was announcing an issue he had found, one that should be straight forward to fix. Best if you read and follow the instructions in the wiki.

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No VIA Nano thermal sensor Definition at line of file amc Definition at line 81 of file amc No modules to load, skipping modules configuration. Definition at line 84 of file amc It looks like you used “itisa” instead of “itisa”.


[6/7] linux-yocto/ update to v – Patchwork

ISA adapter Physical id 0: Is this bad or how can I undo it? That is so cool – this completes unraid IMO. Definition at amc6812 71 of file amc If it now works, go to step 7. Posted March 17,