I’m currently using a Microsoft Ergo keyboard and it seems to be okay. Check the box in which your keyboard was shipped to verify the ports supported. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. My employer wants me to try using an ergonomic keyboard and supplied me with a Belkin model. Some people though like that wet sponge feel but I think they are slower keyboards and harder to type on. All of our products are pulled used unless stated otherwise. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review.

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Belkin If anyone comes across a Belkin ergo keyboard and is considering it, just a heads-up that I had one but the keys required such a forceful keystroke to “engage” that my entire arms up to my shoulders were sore. Since I don’t like this one, I’m sure they’ll want to order me another type.

Chickadee I use a Belkin wireless router for mine.

Is there anything I can do to help ease this discomfort and should I invest in an ergonomic keyboard. Don’t show me this message again.

Can You Identify This Slightly Odd Keyboard Layout? Belkin F8E208-BLK

You may also like. If you Google f8e028, you will come up with tons of places to buy it from. Let us know what you come up with. We do not refund incompatibility on the buyers behalf. I absolutely love my new job but I know my health has to come first. They are the best! Also, there was a money back guarantee on the website, but in small print “if refurbished, we cannot refund your money.


I think you’ll be pleased. Have heard it takes a couple of weeks to get used the the Ergonomic keyboard, is this true? We are not responsible for any passwords left on networking equipment. Start Free Trial Sign In. It lets you work more comfortably by helping you type with you hands, wrists and forearms in a more relaxed posture. I’m actually faster with the SafeType. Now they offer to bump up your connection speed for a fee 8fe208 I’ve never needed anything more than the basic connection.

Please click us here: Have had r8e208 many years with no problems at all. F8e2008 I think I have my chair set at the right height, or everything just so, and try to stretch every once in a while, but I still end up stiff and I think maybe I could do better with it.

Belkin ErgoBoard F8E download user guide for free – 6B29D |

We are not responsible for compatibility issues with you bellkin or software. To view latest messages and participate in discussions, select the boards given in left menu. Maybe the one I had was defective, but I’ve steered clear of Belkin products since.


This manual also for: Is there a mail order source? I am not sure if the newer models are like this or not. Warranty Please email to Dakota Express and ask any questions prior to bidding. Go online and put in your make and model Thanks for the greate website and the prices are so much better than I have seen.

I would log in on the machine and pick up the jobs to transcribe. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one around on a Saturday night! I want to buy one but want to make sure it will be worth it. To check, look in the back of your computer for the port that is designated for your keyboard.

Yeah I went onto the website and just ordered a Belkin adapter. I heard it, and then my mouse stopped and everything froze.