Pants , Nov 2, When I first switched to Bright, I noticed how much louder this mode is than other 2 and also how it does not sound like the other two modes as well- and at first it was a “turn-off”. It is made to play beautiful solos or accompanied by a rhythmic crunch this well. The pots are effective and properly sculpt the sound. Oct 14,

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bjyang I think it is for those who like the sound more “rounded” jazz? The small switch provides three different tonal contours: Even with a useless switch, it’s a good pedal. Did you find this review helpful? I have no worries for its durability, since this the pedal has a sturdy metal case.

I use Strats with DiMarzio stacked humbuckers, for the most part. Oct 15, I like my one-knob MXR better. But then I realized that this position had some value: I will not compare this pedal to its model, the TS, because I do not know.


Maybe my mind will change in a few days or maybe the stars have alligned with regards to my current gear combination or maybe I’ve had 1 too many Dos Equis but this pedal is a steal considering it’s price.

But this is Mad Driver who has definitely taken place on my pedalboard.

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Log in Become a member. Oct 14, With a little delay, it does wonders. Tubescreamer-clone overdrive with three voicings toggle switch.

Oct 14, 9. Yes, my password is: Your name or email address: Sort by most recent most useful. Good value for money, the Chinese are very strong.

But beware, it is an overdrive, not a distortion I got one in the mail today and I’m very impressed thus far. Oct 14, 2.

There is a little Level loss when biyagn from Normal to Warm settings, so you just turn up! Nov 2, By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The toggle switch on the Fuzz Star doesn’t do much except change the amount of volume. Do you already have an account? Oct 14, 6. It’s a very nice sounding TS-clone.


I’m done- this one is a keeper, as it sounds like a TS which is all I wanted, but with a different look and size, plus the added feature of the 3-positon switch which is pretty cool, at a great price. Chiogtr4xOct 15, I like its versatility through the switchthe heat of her, and the fact that through biyanb mix really well in a group and on stage. PantsNov 2,