Short Tygon tubing to a single ink-blocking filter; A Luer-lock connector connects the filter to a long Tygon tube; the Tygon tube connects to the left-slave 1 of each set of 4 printhead reservoir only. If you want to knock people’s eyes out with quality, at an art exhibit, trade show, or whatever, then you need those extra dpi offered by ColorSpan’s six, eight, or twelve-ink capability. We get more favorable comments on eight color output from the ColorSpan than from any mere six color printer. This is an integrated system, the only way to set up a printer of this nature. We prefer to recommend cost-effective printers that produce photo-realistic quality with long-lasting colors using archival inks. ColorSpan is wider, somewhat faster, and noticeably higher dpi. Epson does the same, if anything about their printer is not very impressive, the ad agency singles out that aspect and claims Epson is the absolute best in this specific attribute now you know why Epson ads claim its fast and can print on all kinds of media.

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So surely you too will find this printer a capable production machine in your sign shop, photo studio, or in-plant print facility.

Draft mode means “throw away mode. ColorSpan itself will provide a service agreement with any of its older models, even original models dating to years ago.

The newest model, the Esprit, costs half of previous models and gives the same legendary quality.

Colorspan: Printers- Wide Format | eBay

Our print shop at the university uses both ColorSpan printers all the time. Roland also offers archival inks which are more mature than any new inks. The Mach 12 works great and produces output you can sell to happy clients. If you need help deciding what wide format color printer to buy, send an e-mail to the review editor, Nicholas Hellmuth, contact Please be sure to mention what kind of images you reproduce, what your market is, your level of experience such as whether you are new to digital printing, and what printers did you consider before reading the reviews on this site.


The warranty is needed for as long as you own the printer, since you may need technical help and replacement of parts. TodayColorSpan specializes in making user-friendly UV-cured flatbed inkjet printers.

We will be doing an in-depth analysis of the ColorSpan loaded with 12 different colors, so check back in shortly for more information. They open as an attractive report. For most normal usage people prefer 8 colors dye in the Mach 12 because of its impressive color gamut.

Reviews of ColorSpan DisplayMaker XII wide format printer.

colorspah Museums could do exhibits more economically if the curators and in-house photo staff had access to a wide-format printer. Thus you get the expected quality of a thermal printhead design.

ColorSpan is wider, somewhat faster, and noticeably higher dpi. This event is known as an “overfill”.

But I want photo-realistic quality. In Latin America, however, may still be distributed by Xerox.

But we still maintain our pages from since many of the former models water based inks are bought and sold on eBay. Actually our Mach 12 was used when we got it, and it is into its second year: This was our first experience with a ColorSpan, 4 years ago.


Archive inks have a well deserved reputation colorsan brightness.

Which means can you really trust to run a piezo printer unattended all night long? Tygon tube from filter to F-fitting.

But quickly we learned that most of the problems were in the years when the company was owned by Virtual Fund venture fund companies are sometimes jokingly called the Vulture Fund. Most recently updated July 31, You colprspan inspect the detail up close when the print is by a ColorSpan printer.

The ads show you the high quality, brag a bit about the high speed, and the reader loses track and presumes the high quality is of course also available at the high speed. However you can learn to handle the printer on your own.

We are going for the full colofspan version of the Mach In comparison the ColorSpan is a bargain. If you want to knock people’s eyes out with quality, at an art exhibit, trade show, or whatever, then you need those extra dpi offered by ColorSpan’s six, eight, or twelve-ink capability. No, its not like that.

The Mach 12 is still fairly new, but gradually we are issuing reports and updating our web pages. The advantage of getting the Ilford IJT version of this printer from Ilford is that they prepare everything.