La otra si tiene. Karel October 27, , 1: Aaron Malawey June 25, , 4: Hi, I am trying to setup a wireless router network. Stan June 29, , 5: Hey there I recently got this modem from my cable isp and it got setup without a hitch.

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Brandon August 25,6: Thanks for your time, Bardhyl. What could possible be the problem?

Webstar Cable Modem Dcp Series Scientific Atlanta | eBay

Bardhyl July 14,6: Hey, I was wondeig how to open ports with this on the settings, because I have a few that need opened to I can connect to my Xbox Live.

I really would appreciate it if someone could help me figure out why my connection is so slow. I just recently got cable internet thru brighthouse, kodem was modrm with a modem just like the one that i have and it is working.

Actually this turned out to be a terrific little performer.

Joshua Embrey September 5,5: Peke July 26, Adonis October 12,3: I also have the DPC cable modem and have recently swiched computers to Vista x64 bits. Marco Vinicio Solares October 9, I am trying to setup a wireless router network. Sam December 3,6: Email me at short hotmail. Angie April 15, Jimmy May 18,2: We just got this modem today that was installed by a Roadrunner person, and even though it was just put in today, there is no connection.


I have a netgear wireless router and can not hook it up. Ok Our Privacy Policy.

RoxMary May 17,8: Disculpen… quien me puede ayudar con esto: Agradecere mucho su ayuda. Omdem November 11,2: Chris May 9,7: For a computer idiot this question should be answered in youe advice, dont you think, because its the first thing that someone wants to do after their internet provider has fobbed them off with a non-wireless set-up!!!!

If you unplug all the cables the light dcpp2100 stop, its blinking either from the ethernet cord from your computer or from the coaxle cable. What can possibly be the problem? It works fine on USB but with a router it completely blows.

I have the router through comcast cable and it i s soooooo slow almost dccp2100 dial up. Tengo un modem Scientific Atlanta EPC y quiero desconectar el cable del modem pero la tuerca no gira y si lo fuerzo gira un poco la pieza en la que se rosca y tengo miedo de romperlo. Kevin October 2,4: Irineu July 8, Herberth December 27,4: Is there a way to complete turn off power to the modem?


I can not always get on the internet without having to unplug the power cord or cable.