Also “none” can be used to match for a non-authenticating passdb lookup. Anyone else wishes to comment on this setup is of course welcome to do so. However, the Linux-style passwd file has fewer fields than that used by FreeBSD and it will need to be edited if any fields past the first four are needed. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You probably want to switch this back to “yes” or other options afterward. Fields that the lookup can return: Each one uses different args.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Dict key-value database Redis, memcached, etc. This is a Dovecot 1.

No such file or directory doveconf: See MboxLocking for more information. Anyone else wishes to comment on this setup is of course welcome to do so. In reply to this post by fakessh. While that stanza often is:: For that i seemed to need a plugin for squirrelmail.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I try to config Dovecot and I got this strange log: External software used to handle virtual domains. They can be used to provide default userdb fields based on templates in case they’re not specified for everyone in the passwd file. Arguments for the passdb backend.

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AuthDatabase/PasswdFile – Dovecot Wiki

The irony is that evrything but this works ;-p tia, for an answer. Skip if an earlier passdb already authenticated the user successfully.

Docecot.conf process broken disconnected before auth was ready, waited 0 secs: Empty lines and lines beginning with ‘ ‘ character are ignored. It can also be used to configure things like proxies.


PasswordDatabase – Dovecot Wiki

Maybe i found the problem. Hi, As a matter of fact no. Sign up using Facebook. The password field can be in four formats: Remove ‘ ‘ to use passwd-file: You are attempting to use sqlite with MD5 at: Also, it sounds like you didn’t even attempt plain text login at all.

The result values that can be used: Skip, if non-empty and the current auth mechanism is not listed here. This is to give you a basic idea, please do not attempt to copy paste this file, rather try to understand it. In reply to this post by fakessh fakessh fakessh. Allows you to specify the default password scheme. If “yes”, used to provide master users database.