I personally have not seen one yet. Unless you change it back on an XP system and never use it on a newer system that gets regular updates, the FTDI driver will get installed and screw the chip over again. Checking new software on server. This is where you find and configure the port. Please Add 16F support -popular. Hello Dear Friend Could you help me please?

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He has taught electronics http: Windows 7 64bit GQ-4X. You wrote that non-OTG compatible adapters support only flash drive connection.

USB to IEEE1284 Printer Adapter (1.8m)

Just simply pick up the phone and call plasmacam and they will tell you exactly what your options are and what the best thing to do for your situation would be.

Compatability for Intel 28f Cannot write to Intel 83C GQ-4X on Windows 10 64 bit – update sticky. I bet the FTDI management must have thought the fake chips foeo helped them enough with increasing market share and now it’s time to remove them.

When I called them, they told me that this was the reason that I should buy a “special” computer from them, as they know it is difficult to buy a PC with these requirements now. We have used hundreds of cards average cost about 20 bucks that install and work perfectly. Encoding problem of file read and writes with GQ So I’m going to trow away some things.


ID check failed only with GQ 4×4. Often 17 is used for Charge Pump. You have to use a parallel port. Is there a switch somewhere in the settings to enable OTG or what should be the problem? Virtually uusb USB-parallel interfaces a are a complete disaster and will not work Because you are virtually bottlenecking the communication at the USB interface and they also tend to lack the required voltages that are required communicate effectively with the plasmacam.

OTG problem – Apollo Lite – Vernee – Powered by Discuz!

I personally have not seen one yet. Possible to build adapter for Intel MCU chips? Indyaner on Oct 06, I am also using Code Composer Studio V2.

Sorry for my write, english isn’t my first language. Uusb is where you find and configure the port.

Hujeros Post time Blank Check Keeps Failing. I got the drivers from FTDI and re-installed using the.

USB to Parallel 1284 Converter

M27CB File Offset problem. How to install USB Driver 3. And secondly 12884 them explain why they think that a USB would be better an upgrade to the plasmacam. USB install fails “The hash for file not present”. FM27C will only program at -2 speed.


BAFO Technologies Corp. – BF USB to Parallel Printer Adapter

I couldn’t find any menu items also to set it or switch on. Windows systems that are years out of date and unobtainable new, as well as a parallel port that most PC’s no longer come with. M27V and M27V issues. Initialization Failed on GQ-4X4. Video demo for Adapters from Youtube.

After a while we only remember that there was some kind of trouble with FTDI and we should avoid them.