My actual controller is an Adaptec Unified serial card. By the way, you do not need a license of VMware workstation to do this. Installing Gentoo can be complicated, perhaps even intimidating, to someone who is new to Linux. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Retrieved from ” http:

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The remainder of this email is the relevant technical information.

On a similar note, you most likely do not need profiling or kprobe support. These recommendations were loosely based off the ones from this Gentoo Wiki article and from this Gentoo forum post.

Configuring Gentoo Kernel for VMware Player – Optimized Manual Configuration

If you do not plan on hibernating your system, then go ahead and turn off that vwmare. However, many posts allude to creating an initial ram disk. I am running without issues following apps from app-emulation: From the main page select the “Options” tab. Lastly, change the number of CPUs to the number of logical processors you have plus one; for example, a quad-core with hyperthreading should use a setting of eight plus one, not four plus one.


Thanks for the tutorials. Tue Sep 05, If you are using EFI, most systems post do, then make sure you leave that enabled. Most of which you scei not need to concern yourself with.


I am going to post my config once its done probably as a gist on github and credit you. Installing Gentoo can be complicated, perhaps even intimidating, to someone who is new to Linux. If possible, try to rely on just letting your kernel vmwarr setup your sound card for you.

The original post seems more geared up for ESX or Workstation. In vmwre words, if your physical hardware does not have USB 3. Otherwise, use alsaconf to configure your card, as shown below.

I am very grateful to you. Disable everything but the following options: See the following section.

HOWTO Install Gentoo on VMware ESX server

If you like to have sound in your virtual Gentoo Linux, you will need to add support for it. Sat Nov 09, 8: The fix for this problem can be found here: This vmwaare take some time, so please be patient. If you followed my filesystem configuration, then you should only have ext4 filesystems. Is this useful only on guest machines, or on host too? Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Using Preinstalled Images 2.


If you are just now coming to this series, start with my first article. Enable all support for your CPU type and disable support for the other.

NAT for connection to the outside second 2, will be eth1: There are two set of VMware tools available. For more information, do some online searches about your CPU and motherboard. Hi guys, just to follow this thread. This is a relatively bare bones install of gentoo.

Not sure where to go really.