This is what I see on chipgenius, not finding any vendor info except generic I opened up the drive and on the rectangular chip found something like this: September 23, at You will need to open up the drive and read the labels on the chips to determine the contoller part number then you can look for repair tool. Where do you find the right version of AlcorMP? By the way do you guys get the fake keys off ebay if so, it would be nice to put your sellers ebay id, so potential buyers will get warned and not buy of same user?

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Could you tell me the value of the capacitor i have a pen drive without it! February 16, at November 24, at Our new article section – find out all you need to know with these easy to understand and helpful articles June 28, at 7: February 21, at 6: Futro above should be able to see your drive too properly and fix it, if not do get back to us.


I have added the test method I used to confirm that I have approximately 1.

With a program that tests de pendrives called testdrive. February 9, at 2: Would you reccomend that for this fake usb? October 9, at Please advise Regards Ralph. I used Linux based progs, but there are definitely Windows based as well. Hjsun for now, and thanks once again for an excellent and informative article!

November 5, at 9: Many Thanks for this, bought djsk supposedly 8Gb key off of eBay in April. UdTools recognized it as K9G8G08u0a not b.

H2testw produced the following test result: Edward wats a PN? The drive tested and repaired was from eBay Fake Flash Seller powerrangolee.

Drivers >>> Hisun Flash Disk USB Device driver

I opened one of the keys accidentally breaking it anyway, the chips are in fact…. I had originally clicked on this link, but once I saw Chinese I quickly abondoned the page.

Manual inspection is advised if you do not come up with a direct match. I fixed one of my drives with this write up. I have asked others as well.


fake 16GB USB Flash Drive – Hard Drive and Removable Media – MSFN

I want to show the true Capacity. February 6, at 3: MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue.

The problem is even worse, my preferred magazine already had some articles about this problem. Reformatt it as ntfs. How to deal with video card driver flashh The next step is where I wasted the most time… I tried tons of different AlcorMP programs, but none of them worked… I went into the Setup and played around with every single option to no avail. November 19, at 1: December 10, at Basically, the controllers of small sticks will be manipulated to report more capacity than there deice hardware-wise.