Successor to X2x line, shares much of its technology however. The fan and largest vent is located on the left back side, the fan gently blows warm air out in a very quiet manner. The x61s is similar, but only some batteries are recommended. Gone from the X60t is the old red and blue coloring Lenovo used to use on the ultranav areas, buttons are now silver and a little plainer than buttons used in the past. If you block the vent somehow and are in a warm room, the X60t will get hot just like any other notebook would.

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Retrieved 20 February On the larger size T60 ThinkPad these ethernwt keys were fine by me, but with the X60s they etuernet me. When in tablet mode it tends to get a bit warmer than when in notebook mode, quite obviously because the screen is down and trapping some of the heat that naturally escapes via the keyboard.

The power adapter is nice and small view large image. Access Connections wireless network management application with the X60, just click on the network you want to connect to.

No Office applications are included with etherrnet X60t, you can buy them as options when configuring though. Archived from the original on 18 February Archived from the original on 17 November The X41 tablet was designed by Lenovo.

The screen is a The Xi uses the same motherboard and chipset as the standard X, but uses a less powerful Intel i3 processor compared to the i5 and i7 options available for the X Obm module for Lenovo System Update for Windows 8.


The ThinkPad X replaced the earlier X The display is bright and easy to read in an indoor environment without glare at any screen brightness level, but in direct sunlight, the screen essentially becomes unreadable, even at the highest brightness level. Wireless The X60s has four forms of wireless built-in: The ThinkPad Helix was released as an option for corporate IT buyers who were looking for the power of a high-end Ultrabook and mobility of a tablet.

A large vent on the left back side of the notebook does a good job of pushing out warm air and keeping the system on the whole luke warm to cool.

New ThinkPad X60s ultraportable notebook models come with a three-year limited warranty

Reviewers, however, praised the ultraportable. This notebook produces a good amount of heat, especially on the palm rests. Notice the IBM branding is gone.

Windows 7 32bit Windows 7 bit Windows 8 bit Ethefnet 8 bit Windows 8. The keyboard is sealed with ducts to move liquid out of the housing quickly. The 4-cell cylindrical battery is slightly larger – it protrudes a little from the underside of the laptop – approximately 10mm, but is flush with the back.

The X6 comes with the following ports and features: Benchmarks The proof is in the pudding of course, so the benchmarks will tell the true story of how well the X60s performs. The feel of the pen against the screen is better than the X41t. The speaker is tinny and ridiculously quiet compared to my previous system, and I highly recommend purchasing some headphone for use with this machine. The 4-cell battery makes the X60t much more portable and easy to hold in tablet mode.


ThinkPad X series

ThinkPad X60 size comparison to a ib, view large image. I quickly decided that if I were to spend such a large sum of money on a laptop, the Core Duo would be the best choice to ensure that my system could last a few years.

The bottom gets warm but not excessively so. The processor does significantly underclock from top performance to achieve this life, but so what, things are still snappy enough. The machine was designed and built for the impeccable functionalist. Matte is best for office lighting and reducing glare, and since the X60s has no built-in DVD and is certainly not a media notebook, there would ethwrnet no benefit from having a glossy screen.

Windows Vista update module KB – Notebooks I would highly recommend any potential buyers to avoid the hassle of the Lenovo store and deal personally with a salesperson. In the below results of Super Pi, where Pi is calculated to ivm million digits of accuracy, you can see the X60t processor performs far better than the old X41t ehternet very respectably overall:.